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University of Saskatchewan Community Arts Program

This program leads to the 'University of Saskatchewan Certificate of Art and Design'.
The U of S is pleased and excited about how quickly the program has attracted students as well as teachers - all anxious to be
involved in the only offering of its kind in Saskatchewan! Students can currently major in one of 5 streams - painting, drawing, watercolour painting, and sculpture and photography/digital imagery. Elective courses include creative writing, contemporary song writing, glass fusion, romance writing, ceramics, illustrating and writing books, fibre arts, among many others. The U of S is proud too about the partnerships we have forged with the University of Waterloo Centre for Cultural Management, Routes to Learning Canada and the University of Alberta.
These partnerships enable our students to apply online cultural management courses, educational travel opportunities and shared classes - towards their USCAD certificate. For more information, check out the website at