City of North Battleford Permanent Art Collection


The Battlefords Allied Arts Council established the City of North Battleford Permanent Art Collection in 1967 to recognize local artists and develop a multi media collection.

The continuous annual purchases and generous donations has the collection at close to 200 pieces.

The diversity of the subjects, techniques and genre when viewed in chronological order, shows the development of artists in our region and art practices throughout the province.

City of North Battleford - Permanent Collection

Donor Medium Title/Description Artist
1966 Bank of Montreal Ink chalk/Paper City of North Battleford and Kinsmen Swimming Pool R.D. Wilson
1972 BAAC Relief Print from Papier Mache #1 Mexican Door Jill Livermore
1973 BAAC Acrylic/Canvas Emotion in Motion Doreen Grobman
1974 BAAC Watercolour Reflections Margaret Spencer
1976 BAAC Ukrainian Easter Eggs Pysanka Virginia Nikiforuk
1979 Mrs. Eileen (Harvey) Bell Oil on Wood Panel Tray cloth S. Drul
1979 Sask. Culture & Youth Oil/Linen September 19th and the Sun Tried to Shine Dorothy Charabin
1980 BAAC Photography Poundmaker's Grave Menno Fieguth
1980 N.B. Art Club Oil on Masonite Landscape John Ewart
1982 BAAC Turned Cherry Wood Salad Everyone - salad bowl Arthur Isted
1982 Mayor James Maher Acrylic and Collage Untitled - Surreal Landscape Charles Taylor
1983 BAAC Porcelain Tenderness Sandra Ledingham
1983 BAAC Silk Filo Floss on Honam Silk Trees - to Richart St. Barbe Baker Linda Cock
1983 Mr. & Mrs. S. Drul Oil/Masonite Untitled - Playground Scene Richard Lindemere
1984 BAAC Pastel on Rag Bottles on Sill Dean Bauche
1984 BAAC Watercolour Bearded Iris Elaine LaFreniere
1984 BAAC Watercolour Chinese Lanterns Audrey Cornish
1984 BAAC Pastel/Paper Those Were The Days Starla Plantz
1984 BAAC Watercolour Snow Goose and Gosling David Hiebert
1984 BAAC Watercolour Secluded Retreat Roma Nowakowski
1984 BAAC Watercolour Sailboats or Jackfish Lake Regatta #2 Vi Holliday
1984 BAAC Weaving Crane Jane Evans
1984 BAAC Ceramic Sculpture Cree Woman Carole McLean
1985 BAAC Clay Tablet Spring Dancer Brian Ring
1986 BAAC Raku Fired Ceramic Raku Bowl Lindsay Anderson
1987 BAAC Chalk & Silver Point on Matboard Gulls Glide Like Silver Flecks Millicent Bardwell
1987 BAAC Watercolour City in Fog Brent Christensen
1987 BAAC Basswood, Acrylic & Oil Centennial Mallard Duck John Leach
1987 BAAC African Blackwood & Ivory Untitled - Urn Leon Lecoursiere
1987 Mr. David McDonald Oil Elevators G. Deckkers
1987 Mr. David McDonald Collage Habitations Arthur Baalam
1988 BAAC Weaving Spring Cloud Kaija Sanelma Harris
1988 BAAC Ink on Paper Ukrainian Easter Eggs Julian Sadlowski
1989 Unknown Print - Woodland Indian Card series Peter and His Friends Norval Morriseau
1990 BAAC Porcelain, Oxides, Underglazes, Kanthal Wire Shooting for the Moon Anita Rocamora
1991 BAAC Stained Glass, Lead, Zinc, Fused, Sandblasted Triune Mystery Lee Brady
1992 BAAC Rotring on Mammoth Ivory Louis Riel, M.P. David Goldsmith
1993 BAAC Cherry & African Blackwood, Turned, Laminated Pedestal Table Trent Watts
1994 Unknown Oil on Masonite Forest Frank Gonda
1995 BAAC Watercolour Untitled - Landscape Pam Lowe
1995 BAAC Curly Maple, Wood Dye, Polyesters Moon Dance Bob Holowaty / Sheldon Dingwall
1995 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Acrylic/Canvass Winter is Here Ann Harbuz
1996 BAAC Unglazed Clay Tea for Three / 1800 A.D. Muriel Carlson
1997 BAAC Earthenware Plaque There Goes a Plane Cecile Miller
1997 BAAC Earthenware Plaque Dog Chasing Red Car Cecile Miller
1998 BAAC Artists Proof Print Storyteller II: Small Town Calvin Burns
1999 BAAC Pen and Ink Nature Bouquet Dorothy Schmidt
1999 BAAC Etching, Caned Arches Perseverence Diane Lara
1999 BAAC Pottery Out of the Woods - Again Teresa Gagne
1999 BAAC Willow Carving Sirens of the Forest Leah Perlette
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Acrylic on Canvas Times Past #1 Hazel Asmussen
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Watercolour Sunset Faterh Jourdain
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Oil Lady Shoveling Snow Dr. G.E.C. Ducasse
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Print Nomad Frank Gonda
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Print Hunter Frank Gonda
1999 Mrs. Ruth Gonor Watercolour Trees Robert Cunningham
1999 Edith Cram Acrylic on Masonite Untitled (vase of flowers) Eileen Bell
1999 Edith Cram Oil on Canvas City at Night Marcia Picketts
1999 City of N.B. Dyed Felted Wool w/Embroidery The Promised Land Myrna Harris
2000 BAAC Pastel Lofty Height Renee May Mannix
2000 Don Hefner Aluminum Wire Beaver Don Hefner