Exhibition Proposals

 Gallery Submissions 

The Chapel Gallery exhibits contemporary work by Saskatchewan artists with a special focus on the visual arts in the Battlefords' region.

The North Battleford Galleries has one professional exhibition space and two exhibition spaces that vary in size and capacity.

The Chapel Gallery Main Salon features solo and group exhibitions, showcasing local, regional, and provincial professional artists who work fulltime at their practice and are more advanced in their career. The Main Salon currently has 100 running feet/linear feet and offers 2,500 square feet.

The Chapel Gallery - Windows Gallery features solo and group exhibitions,  showcasing work by local, regional, and provincial artists who are aspiring to become professional artists, and by hobbyists, and art learners of all levels. The Windows Gallery regularily exhibits OSAC Touring Exhibitions as well as collections by local art guilds.   The Windows Gallery has 100 running feet/linear feet and is a long corridor.

The Ruth Gonor Exhibition Room - Lower Level of the Allen Sapp Gallery - showcases work by local aspiring professional artists, hobbyists, and local art guilds. This is a small space suitable for small art works less than 24" x 32" or 61cm x 81cm

Annual Submission Deadline is October 1, 2021

Email submissions to lgarven@cityofnb.ca

or send a hard copy to:

The Chapel Gallery, Box 460, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, S9A 2Y6. Att: Curator/Manager of Galleries Leah Garven


Please include your: 

  • Exhibition Proposal or a cover letter introducing your project. Please indicate which exhibition space you feel your proposal is best suited for.
  • Bio
  • CV / Resume
  • Exhibition Statement/Artist Statement
  • Digital images of your work
  • Proposed list of works

Exhibition selection will be made by mid January, annually.

For additional information or inquiries contact Curator / Manager of Galleries, Leah Garven

Selection criteria

Relevance to Region: Criteria Considerations: Artistic Approach, potential of auxiliary programming, availibility, degree of interest to community, and capacity to create interest.

Artistic Merit: Criteria Considerations: Artist use of techniques, execution of art form, consistency in body of work, excellent quality of work, and high calibre presentation.

Uniqueness: Criteria Considerations: Originality of work, use of media/art form, variety of art practice and medium, degree of divergence for the gallery

Gallery Usage: Criteria Considerations: Appropriateness of exhibition for the gallery space and resources with consideration to security and risk.

Outside Submissions

The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils:  Arts on the Move, OSAC’s touring program, provides Saskatchewan communities with visual & media arts exhibitions accompanied by educational materials designed to compliment the new Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum. These include a questioning strategy, background information on the artists and the works, and post-tour and in-gallery activities that include curriculum links! OSAC exhibitions tour to 24 communities for 2 years. Exhibitions are mounted from adjudications held throughout the province, from public and corporate collections and from partnering institutions.

Professional artists and curators are invited to submit proposals to OSAC for consideration for a touring exhibition. A jury is arranged annually in June to review submissions . Chosen works tour with OSAC's Arts on the Move program throughout the province for up to two years. Artists, whose works are chosen to tour, receive artist fees based on CARFAC (Canadian Artist Representation/ Le Front des Artistes Canadiens) touring exhibition rates.

Please send your submission to OSAC at 1102 – 8th Avenue, Regina, SK., S4R 1C9. For more information, contact Zoe Schneider at (306) 586-1252.