Main Gallery Exhibitions 2013 


Progress: Edie Marshall

For Edie Marshall the painting process is one of responding to the marks made during the tracing process, bringing the figures forward and pushing them into the background of the canvas, blending with and at times losing them in the landscape. The images become fractured with autonomous brushstrokes that don’t necessarily conform to a given contour, creating a tension between image and brushstrokes.

Creative Play

The Saskatchewan Arts Board 65th Anniversary
Creative Play

Traveling Exhibit

Oblivious Sanctum: Prairie Wind
March 15 – April 30

Paul Constable

This visual intensive exploration is of wildlife and man meeting on the prairie panorama. Using the brush and canvas, as well as multimedia Paul Constable interprets the outcomes of two driving forces, each with a mission that sometimes crosses in the most inconvenient, unplanned, and unwanted times.

The Battlefords: 100 Years of Art
May 1 – 31

Featuring works from the Permanent Collection of the City of North Battleford

The chapel gallery is please to participate in the 100 years celebration of the City of North Battleford with arts festival bringing forward the history of the arts and showcasing the arts of today. A symposium of the arts will compliment this historical exhibition and bring together on one stage venues for vision and collaboration.

Prairie Excellence
June 8 – August 8

 Prairie Excellence is a unique and ground-breaking joint project of the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta Craft Councils. 

Exploring North Battleford
Aug. 21 - Sept. 3
 Exploring North Battleford at 100
Stuart Kasdorf, Douglas Rarog, Tara Yolan
The Pool Project: Courtney Milne
September 3 - October 27

It started serendipitously, as do so many things. We had lived for nine years on our stunning 80 acres of aspen parkland in Grandora, near Saskatoon. The pool came with the house, located right outside our patio door. Courtney frolicked in it, had diving contests with the nephews, and an annual birthday underwater swim to test his lung capacity – but he never photographed it.

Rivers Edge Quilting CLub
November 6 - December 15

Rivers Edge Quilting Club

Masquerade of Immortality: The Mask
December 18 – March 3 2014

This exhibition showcases contemporary Canadian mask makers. An aura of immorality transcends as we make the interconnection of the life of a mask and the relationship it has with its maker. As a mask maker, the creator of a replication of another face, you have a force of creation to cover an identity for the purposes of camouflage, intrigue, power, and invincibility. When the mask is passed on to a new owner so is the power of the mask and the effects it has on its wearer and observer.


Windows Gallery Exhibitions (2013) 


Fairy Tales: New Interpretation

Gallery Members Thematic Exhibition


The Art of Jean Humphrey


Works from Jay Kimball


Current Works from Grace Gerein


Remembering Amelia


Artist Trading Cards: No Story Too Small To Trade


Battlefords Photography Club


The Art of Dana Standinghorn


The Art of Dana Standinghorn


The Art of Anne Sather



Gallery Members Exhibition
Theme: Angels Dwell Here